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Laure Boer covers “Kibetan Trance” by Katchaturian

Invited by the Lisbon-based band as a guest on this track, Wolfram Feuz gave it a barely contained ferocity. Blazing guitars foddered a suggestion of chaos further amplified by crashing sound effects. With this cover, Laure Boer does not go for subtleties. She nevertheless tidies the track up through the use of albeit still fiery guitars but they suggest a certain stability that anchors the body, giving it the means to daydream without hindrance. Intuitive and light-hearted, this cover of the German multi-instrumentalist manages to make your head spin but never lose balance. Whilst remaining within the confines of the original track, Laure Boer manages the incredible feat of making us forget its primary source.

Laure Boer (Berlin, Germany)

Born into a family of musicians, Laure Boer obtained a healthy classical music education. She nevertheless took another path, exploring other artistic endeavours in publishing and graphic design. After experiencing several different paths, she came back to her musical roots. Her classical music inheritance combined with her research on the creative process involved in design has influenced her unique approach to music. A multi-instrumentalist, she manages to develop a vibrant universe that is both vulnerable and brutal.

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