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Mago (7:21)
Red Delicious (3:44)
Toyland (5:50)
Skinner (4:21)
Leipzig Memories (6:32)
Life In A Bottle (1:25)
Frogs In My Closet (2:32)
Splendid Vultures (5:36)
Accra (8:12)
Once Upon A Time (0:27)
Black Is A State Of Mind (1:14)
77 Fragments (11:02)
Boo (1:22)


  • Scrambled Eggs covers “Leipzig Memories” by The Zorries


The Zorries — Praktisch Eklektik

Dublin, Eire
Jack O 'Brien, Greg Ochs and Paul Brendon have a habit of saying that they met at a screening at the Light House Cinema in Dublin. Having just graduated from the National College of Art and Design, the three budding designers had just signed on to the dole. They gave themselves a month of recklessness and freedom, so as to feed their passion for cinema. On their agenda, a restored copy of Jerzy Skolimowsky’s "Deep End" (1970), a cult movie about frustrated love and sex in a London public bath that spoke not only to their male cells but also to their grey cells. It is also true that Jane Asher’s seductive face plastered on the promotional poster no doubt provided an incentive. A film about a budding femme fatale developing under the eyes of a young virgin has promise. At the end of the film, however, our three unemployed designers only remember a single and same scene from the movie – one without the girl. Astonishing, electrifying, The Zorries launch themselves in the footsteps of Can and German krautrock. The famous sequence that they remember takes place in night-time Soho during London’s Swinging Sixties. The teenager roams the streets waiting for his muse who entered a trendy club on the arm of her boyfriend. It turns out that the sequence in question would be insignificant without the music that accompanies it, and that turns the scene into something sublime that transcends it all. The music in question? "Mother Sky" by Can. Disappointment, frustration, but also excitement at the heart of this pulsing night: young Mike’s moods take life and how ! Listen to the caged playing, turgid, angry and electric, pitting against each other drums, bass and guitars. Design and film are forgotten as a different future awaits our young Irish protagonists, time for The Zorries and their "Praktisch Eklektik" with extensive krautrock and post rock influences (The For Carnation sometimes comes to mind). A soundtrack that, just like Mike, cannot free itself, but within which the latent tension electrifies and burns.

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