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Sinner DC covers “Summer 57” by Collerette

As Collerette’s album "Trip To Casa" appears in The LP Collection, it was logical that Sinner DC’s interpretation of "Summer 57 "should be included in the catalogue of cover tracks. Indeed, this rare Collerette track appears on the Geneva band’s 2008 London-pressed vinyl. Indeed, Sinner DC are dedicated bargain hunter and they came across the Coire-based band’s album whilst rummaging through the bargain-basement racks at "Sounds", a Geneva-based shop. Whilst the “Summer 57” of the Grison trio was embittered and broken up, the Geneva bands version takes a considerably lighter and melodious tangent. Julien Amey, Manuel Bravo and Steve Mamie are inspired followers of Hans-Peter Tschudi, Peter Kraus, and Jens Wolframm who shine an unexpected light on their predecessors work.

Sinner DC (Geneva, Switzerland) 

Described as being "analgesic shoegaze", the electronica of the Geneva-based trio has built up a considerable international reputation on the electronic music scene. Besides their numerous live performances or as DJ’s alongside entertainers such as Sigur Ros, M83 or Mondkopf, Sinner DC is also involved in the arts through collaborations with artists such as Christian Marclay. On stage, the band mixes drums with live sampling, voice tampering, synthesisers, guitar and bass, all of which is intensified by Alexia Turin’s psychedelic video projections. Their current album is “Endless Valley (2012) published by Mental Groove Records.

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