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Ray Wilko covers “This Is The End” by Katchaturian

As opposed to the organic slow tempo of the original title, Ray Wilko sets a furious pace. The long harp intro is banished, replaced by a frenetic piano and saturated riffs, springboards for the all-in -one breath vocals. Ray Wilko condenses the original song so much that he manages to conclude his version (a future hit!) within four minutes. A furious pop-rock cover that does not betray the spirit of the Lisbon-based group, the irony of which shows through with the use of a banjo throughout the track.

Lyrics: The seeds that you seed and the roads that you lay / It grows on land where you don't wanna stay / Your children are sad but you don't know why / The gold in your hands is a melting away / The prayers you whisper will end up in cries / I got nothing but you on my mind / Wait for me i'll be there / The sounds of silence will be loud and clear / It's coming so fast and you can hear / What is near – but i don't mind / As long as you're waiting for me / As long as you're there for me / We're tumbling like stones and there's nowhere to go / God only knows but he seems to be low / God only knows if this is the end /But he's out of home – he seems to be low / God only knows if this is the end / But he's out of place – he's losing his grace / Let me explain you that this is the end / No more entertainment – this is the end

Ray Wilko (Bern, Switzerland)

A multi-instrumentalist, Ray Wilko began his career in 1996 with the solo album "Subzero" (Weltrekords). A debut that was the beginning of a successful career as Ray and his band have since produced numerous flawless albums and have performed live both in Switzerland and on the international circuit, notably,with a memorable concert at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Split between indie rock and alternative country, this songwriter (a cross between Frank Black and Elvis Costello) describes his music as " layman pop music". His last album to date is "You And Me" (Weltrekords, 2008).

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