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Albin de la Simone covers “Mustaches” by Prince Arthur

Haywire. Arto Schmidiger’s tortured soul manages to convey a kind of iconoclastic dissoluteness in covering “Mustaches”. The playful piling up of vintage synthesizers blows the subtle accordion of the original track apart. An electro-pop musical review of the Austrian troubadour’s (who lives in Reykjavik) accordion piece. Albin de la Simone says of the work: “I wanted to free up something in his music that I had always sensed as being closed off, a wildness mixed up with something strange”. Beginning from the chorus (“Youuu do not have a flash/But you got mustaches”), the French author/composer builds up an arrangement that he then enjoys destroying.

Albin de la Simone (Paris, France)

Albin de la Simone has put out three albums since 2003, all filled with singular pop songs. His concerts, either as a solo artist or along with others (string orchestra, harpsichord pop combo or as a duo with classical pianist Alexandre Tharaud) are always an opportunity to play his compositions whilst experimenting with new finds. Albin de la Simone is also a musician, producer and arranger for other singers: Keren Ann, Mathieu Boogaerts, JP Nataf and Iggy Pop amongst many others. His new album, “Un Homme”, has been released on the 18th of February 2013 (Tôt ou Tard label).

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